Bored Grapes

We're introducing a new wine experience

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Take a trip with us into the metaverse!

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Become a Web3 Winemaker!

A group of web2 professionals, hardcore wine enthusiasts and an award-winning winemaker from Authentique came together to create a new type of wine experience.

We’re building a vineyard in the Metaverse to introduce a completely new way to buy, sell and collect fine wine. Explore NFTs and get to learn about Web3 technology with us as we build something special for wine enthusiasts.

Join us in the first-ever digital winemaking process!

5,555 Empty Bottles

Our web3 winemaking experience uses a completely unique approach. Our process starts with a collection of Empty Bottles in the Metaverse.

In order to redeem your physical bottle of high quality Bored Grapes wine, you’ll need to grow your own Grapes and fill an Empty Bottle with wine. That’s right, you become the winemaker and get to produce your own wine (digitally). 

Each bottle is an exact representation of the physical bottles used by our winemakers at Authentique.

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Grow Your Grapes

In Web3, things are done a bit differently. We build with unfiltered creativity, with communities of enthusiasts. Our ambition is realized and crafted with blockchain technology.

This allows us to build unique experiences, in our case it’s winemaking. Growing Grapes in our Metaverse vineyard allows you to fill your Empty Bottles and redeem a physical bottle of wine.

Only fully grown and mature Grape Vines can be harvested. Word on the grape vine is the “rarity” of your grapes will determine how fast they grow. 

Get Bored Grapes Wine

Fill your Empty Bottles by growing grapes and then combine them to redeem a physical bottle of Bored Grapes wine! 

Our wine is organic and biodynamic. It’s made with love and passion by Nicholas Keeler, and bottled by Authentique Wine Cellars. 

We’re ready to ship bottles of our award-winning wine across three varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Gris

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A Nifty Experience You Can Taste!

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Find us in the metaverse with Bored Grapes (Wine. Re-Imagined). Follow us on Twitter, OpenSea, and on the Bored Grapes website.