We dedicate ourselves to capture the true essence of vineyard and terroir in our wines

Our focus is Single vineyard designate Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Stewards of the land, we work with Tilth Organic and Demeter Biodynamic certified grapes. We also seek out historic own rooted, old vine vineyards. When you taste Authentique you experience the energy of a passion, a time and a place. Each and every vintage our wines are made with intent and great care in everything we do.  

Allary Tonnellerie France barrel
Two men discussing vineyard block below
Grape picker in the vineyard with vines with red grapes in the foreground

A note from Nicholas Keeler, winemaker

Often there was wine at the family table. My great-grandfather was a wine merchant in Germany, and when I was young, my parents were fond of German Riesling and Eiswein. One of my favorite memories was having a taste during the holidays.

I was born in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Oregon State University with two Bachelor of arts degrees; one in International Business, the other in International Studies, and a minor in Spanish. During my studies in Barcelona, I studied art and the works of Dali, El Greco, Velazquez, Picasso, and Gaudi. A year later, I found myself in Oaxaca, Mexico learning about Zapotec and Mayan art and savoring the bounties of the open-air markets. Always fond of travel, food, and art, my adventures further introduced me to the world of wine. 

When I moved back to Oregon, I met Felix Madrid, the winemaker at Carlo & Julian, who was kind enough to help me make my first wines. I began as a Garagiste winemaker and was inspired to learn more. I enrolled in UC Davis classes, passed my first sommelier exam, and worked various harvests with talented winemakers.

Thanks to a trusted recommendation from a friend, Rick DeFerrari of Oregon Barrel Works, I met Jacky Allary, owner and master cooper of Tonnellerie Allary, and his commercial director, Michel Simonnet, and they offered me the opportunity to represent their esteemed cooperage in North America. With over 15 years of experience as the North American sales director for one of France’s elite barrel makers, Tonnellerie Allary, I have visited historic French forests and tasted in famous cellars worldwide, acquiring expert knowledge of French oak cooperage, forests, seasoning, fermentation, aging and many aspects of winemaking. I pour all of this valuable experience into my winemaking today. 

With a deft touch, I create the Authentique wines in rotary large format, upright oak tanks, stainless steel, Italian amphorae, and concrete with a combination of whole cluster and carefully de-stemmed fruit to add layers and complexity. Spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts are common, and wines are carefully racked often by gravity into my favorite tight-grain French oak barrels from unique forest provenances for a long diligently managed élevage

I want to thank everyone who has supported me to live this winemaking dream. Through the quality, soul, and energy of my wines, I strive to honor and reflect my gratitude to all who enjoy the art of Authenitque. 

Big hug,


The Keeler Family

You’ll find matriarch of the family, Gabriele, managing the Keeler Estate Tasting Room. From Germany, she grew up with wine being ever present. Nicholas’s great grandfather, Johannes, was a wine merchant who traveled often throughout Europe sourcing fine wines.
Father of the family, Craig Keeler has been involved in international business his entire career. He is capable of building just about anything and has a passion for his biodynamic vineyard, Keeler Estate Vineyard. A true family business, Craig recently constructed a beautiful new winery on the family estate where Nicholas makes AWC wines.
No detail missed, within the label designs you’ll discover images honoring the Keeler family, and Winemaker Nicholas Keeler’s birthplace, the AWC region and elements influenced by some of his most beloved artists.
Historical map of Salem, Oregon with city and river in foreground and mountain in background
The Keeler Family


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